$45 PINK Perk Package

$45 PINK Perk Package

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Thank you so much for your support.  This really means so much to us. We are so pleased to offer you these amazing perks which includes a very lovely one of a kind PINK crochet earrings and charm with bead necklace.  Handmade with love and proudly made on Guam.  Retail value is $55.

Here is everything you get:

  • A heartfelt handwritten letter saying "Thank You" will be mailed to you.
  • Thank you message across all social media platforms.
  • #ENOUGH Bumper Sticker. (mailed separately)
  • Self Defense personal safety alarm. (mailed separately)
  • Digital film poster will be sent to you once the film is released. 
  • PINK crochet earrings and charm with bead necklace. Handmade with love. Proudly made on Guam.  Retail value is $55.


Self Defense Alarm 120dB Egg Shape Security Alert Personal Safety Keychain Emergency Alarm Description: